Flapmax and Wentors Announce Second Cohort of Women in AI Mentorship Program

Apr 26, 2023


Application Window Closes 30th-April 2023

Flapmax, a leading data and AI company, in partnership with Wentors, is excited to announce the launch of the second cohort of their mentorship and training program for women. The first cohort was a resounding success, with over fifty women from 24 countries from different professional backgrounds showcasing their resilience and hard work throughout the program. 

Flapmax is committed to gender equality and as an industry leader in edge and cloud computing, the company is taking a corporate social responsibility to train women in STEM and create equitable and inclusive employment opportunities in the industry. The program is open to women from all over the world and will equip them with the skills and knowledge to be impactful in their environment. 

The program will run from May 1st to August 18th, 2023 and will have two tracks, including a learning track and a practical track. The internship-style training will be offered solely remotely. Flapmax is currently accepting applications, and the deadline for submission is April 30th, 2023.   

Wentors’ commitment is to ensure women in technology everywhere are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to foster career advancement and this is why this program in conjunction with Flapmax is pivotal.  

Women who are interested in applying for the program can do so by following the link below or scanning the QR code provided. For more information about the program and eligibility requirements, applicants can contact Flapmax at info@flapmax.com.

Flapmax and Wentors are committed to empowering women in STEM and bridging the gender gap in the industry. The second cohort of the mentorship program is an excellent opportunity for women to gain valuable skills and knowledge, and we encourage all eligible women to apply. 

About Flapmax  

Flapmax is a data and AI technology company committed to expanding opportunities for technology innovation and implementation worldwide. With its technology accelerator platform, Flapmax encourages collaboration across borders and helps companies measure and optimize AI models and implement digital transformation solutions. Flapmax is creating global partnerships to ignite the local tech industry across Africa and globally. Working with universities around the world, Flapmax is helping connect the next generation of innovators with sustainable technology goals and cutting-edge career skills. 

About Wentors  

Wentors is a global network of women in technology that support one another. We provide a free mentorship program for women in technology worldwide, with an ambitious goal of impacting 8M+ women worldwide by 2030. We've developed a varied and lively community of 5,000+ women in technology across four continents and we’re dedicated to changing the narratives of women in technology, transforming lives, and making millions of dreams a reality through this process. 

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