Flapmax Joins Kinetic Edge Alliance to Bring Sustainability to Edge Computing

Sep 27, 2021



AUSTIN, TX - September 27, 2021 - Flapmax today announced that it brings its sustainability methodologies to Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA) and Kinetic Edge™ Platform. The KEA is an alliance of industry-leading companies collaborating to make designing, deploying and operating edge computing easy. The Vapor IO facilitated business community focuses on supporting each other by working together to construct the next generation internet. The KEA creates a network effect that promotes industry progress to top of mind conversation in the technology ecosystem. Flapmax is optimistic that our bold commitment to join Kinetic Edge Alliance will add value to the community with fresh perspectives on edge sustainability and efficiency. Flapmax brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in hardware and software integration within edge computing and is excited to share and learn from the edge community.

“Sustainability is a major industry focus with global impact; Flapmax is working on several sustainability-related initiatives ranging from health equity and global warming to agriculture and workforce development,” said, Matt Trifiro, CMO at Vapor.IO. “The KEA has been strategically developed to support organizations that work on hardware and software integration for edge colocation, exchange, and networking services.”

Flapmax is a strategic partner with a focus in edge computing for different industries including but not limited to Health, Smart Cities, and Industrial Automations. As a startup, Flapmax is a home to a wealth of disruptive technological ideas, as well as experienced developers and researchers in different fields of applied Artificial Intelligence. Working with KEA allows us to accelerate our sustainability-led product development lifecycle, increase our speed of deployment and validation of proof-of-concepts, while contributing effectively to edge computing and related industry standards.

Flapmax is thrilled to join the KEA; the alliance’s network of companies and professionals offer a wide range of expertise and collaborative opportunities. The symbiotic relationships mean smart collaboration as a united ecosystem of edge players. Besides meeting our clientele demands, Flapmax seeks to represent a sustainability-focused perspective throughout the industry. Joining KEA is the first of many steps that align with our mission to enrich the lives of everyone on the planet by creating a more sustainable world. We are looking forward to reaching new frontiers by working with the Kinetic Edge Alliance.

For more information, visit the Kinetic Edge Alliance website, follow on Twitter @KineticEdge_ and connect on LinkedIn.

Kinetic Edge Alliance

The Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA) is an alliance of industry-leading companies collaborating to make designing, deploying and operating edge computing easy. The KEA is an industry working group dedicated to making real-world edge computing applications that connect stakeholders with end users and customers. The KEA believes that in order to meet the needs of the future, our industry must collaborate. The KEA brings together all of the products, platforms and expertise needed to help make operators and developers successful with edge deployments. Together, edge computing will deliver the next wave of network and data center infrastructure vital to support 5G, autonomous vehicles and many other exciting technologies and applications. To learn more about joining the Kinetic Edge Alliance visit https://www.vapor.io/partners/kinetic-edge-alliance.


Flapmax’s mission is to enrich the lives of everyone on the planet and make the world more sustainable. People and organizations rely on technology from Flapmax for every aspect of the technology spectrum, from healthcare and education to agriculture and industrials.

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