Working with UT Austin School of Engineering to Support Students’ Career Decision Making through Externships

Jan 14, 2022


·      Externship programs are among the intricate solutions that have been developed to compliment classroom teaching by enhancing skills and talent in an industry environment. 

·      Flapmax has a diverse workforce that is instrumental in developing diverse and inclusive solutions that are adaptable to individual communities across the world.

·      The Flapmax UT Austin Externship program has been designed to introduce UT Austin undergraduate students to the remote-work environment at Flapmax, while helping students gain first-hand insights into a career in software development and Artificial Intelligence.  

As innovation remains paramount in resolving modern day challenges, education continues to become a fundamental building block of the digital economy. Flapmax has a diverse workforce that is instrumental in developing diverse solutions that are adaptable to individual communities across the world. This has been characterized in our training programs that, in part, seek to upskill unconventional talent and accelerate skill development.

The Flapmax UT Austin Externship program targets students who are majoring in Engineering, Computer Science or other STEM related fields, such as Environmental Studies – a big focus of Flapmax sustainability initiatives. The students applied for the program through their college and selected students were later invited by Flapmax for the 1-day event.

The program saw more than a dozen students from various majors: Electrical/Computer Engineering, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical; as well as Computational, and Environmental Sciences. The program began with a brief introduction of Flapmax, followed by an overview of Flapmax products and AI / sustainability programs. Next, the Flapmax engineering team shared their experience on their day-to-day (remote) activities at Flapmax. This was followed by a project demo by our Resident Engineers, 2 students from UT Austin who also shared their experience working at Flapmax as interns. Finally, the program concluded with a Q&A session and many clicks of friendly photo shots.

Some of the participants of the Flapmax UT Austin Externship program.

Some of the participants of the Flapmax UT Austin Externship program.

Flapmax is on a mission to enrich the lives of everyone on the planet and make the world more sustainable. This externship program is one of our many university collaborations as we continue to partner with academia to accelerate technological innovation and address important technical challenges facing our society today, supporting promising students seeking to make an impact in the world, while promoting research and scientific discovery.

Overall, the externship has been designed to be an all-around program that enhances the skills and talents of students in inclusive design, research, development, and application of sustainable solutions. We appreciate the support of UT Austin’s Engineering Career Assistance Center for their assistance on the successful run of this program. For more information concerning the Externship or our AI Academy program, please contact Regan McGuire at

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