Helping Keep Hope Alive for Children with Cancer

Feb 14, 2024


Love is in the Air — Our team recently visited the Shelter of Hope (locally known as Silungan Pag-asa) in the Philippines, sharing with them food and essential accessories, as well as our support for a hopeful tomorrow. 

Children facing cancer were greeted with boxes of food such as rice, bread, and cereals, and toiletries, and warm wishes of full and speedy recovery from Flapmax, a leader in accelerated AI technology solutions. The kids were staying at Shelter of Hope, a foundation based in Paco in the Philippine capital Manila. Locally known as Silungan ng Pag-asa, the place serves as temporary housing for young cancer patients from the province undergoing medical treatment in the city.

The Philippines is a country of around 113 million, as well as over 7,100 islands. Especially in the provinces, access to basic medical care among the poor is challenging, much less advanced services for conditions like cancer. Less fortunate Filipinos who need treatment would have to travel to the major cities and find accommodation – a costly affair on top of their therapy sessions.

A World Health Organization report says that 1,700 children in the Philippines die of cancer each year, while another study reveals that only 33% of children in the Philippines are treated for their conditions. At Shelter of Hope, young cancer patients are able to receive care and support from the volunteers, as well as fellow children and their families going through the same difficult struggle.

“We are deeply touched by the courage of these children who are fighting to get better, and we hope that our humble contribution helps the Shelter in its noble mission,” said Flapmax’s CEO Dave Ojika.

“Thank you so much po sa inyong patuloy na support sa Silungan. Sobrang grateful po kami sa inyo (Thank you so much for your continued support to the Shelter. We are very grateful to you). May the Lord continue to bless the Flapmax company,” said Shelter of Hope’s Pastor Junie Antinero in response.

In addition, Flapmax is looking to offer Shelter of Hope’s partner hospitals assistance in adopting digital tools and applications to promote the efficiency and sustainability of their systems. This way, these medical facilities can improve their operations, while continuing to provide their patients the much-needed treatment.“

As a company that aims to put people first, we want our technology solutions to be useful in delivering important social services, and make meaningful impact in people’s lives,” added Ojika. Learn more about Flapmax and its commitment to promoting technology for good via and

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